Businesses are running software systems inefficiently, either as a result of outdated configuration choices, use of older versions of software, or as a result of business growth and change. This results in inconsistent performance, a poor end user experience and higher operating costs.

With a well configured, streamlined system, it is possible to reduce the consumption of costly resources such as CPU. This flows onto a more responsive application that can deliver a better end user experience, improving throughput, and hence business value.

MA Cost Saving

Cost Reduction is achieved using the MetricsAnalysis Workload Analysis process which is a cycle of analysis and change designed to deliver maximum benefit with minimum impact. 

When the Cost Reduction phase is complete the system is configured optimally for the workload and is base-lined, providing a benchmark against which future change can be measured.


Data Extraction

The collect phase runs on the client side and consists of extracting run-time metrics from Db2 into flat files.

The files, which can be anonymised as part of the process, are provided to MetricsAnalysis.


Data Analysis

The analyse phase  consists of processing the files through a bespoke data warehouse and data mart, built on best practice and industry standards.

This involves adding 9000+ calculations to the extracted metrics to provide a comprehensive multi-dimensional analysis of the data.

The analysis phase ends in the production of multiple documents, to be used by a MetricsAnalysis Db2 specialist to analyse the workload and identify discrepancies in the use of Db2 and its configuration.



The end product is a document detailing a comprehensive analysis of the workload presented.

The report documents the way in which Db2 is being used and the way in which it is configured, detailing any issues that should be addressed. 

The report concludes with a detailed implementation plan and detailed instructions to address any issues identified.



A report is provided to the client, who can choose whether or not to take any of the recommended actions. 

The purpose of the recommendations is to align the configuration of Db2 with the Workload, to optimise settings for the way in which Db2 is being used. This will lead to a system in-tune with the way it is being used and will lead to reduced operating costs and a better end user experience.


It will take approximately 2-3 cycles to get a system configured to match the way it is being used.

This will depend on what needs to be changed, how that can be achieved within the operating constraints of the client and how much change will be implemented at a time.  


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When the Cost reduction phase is complete the Risk Management process can be used to ensure that change does not adversely affect the resource consumption of a system.