Unique Value Proposition


There are many businesses struggling with the software they have. Inconsistent performance, increasing demands and a poor end user experience are common issues to deal with.

Replacing traditional methods of analysis

A traditional approach is to add more CPU power, which requires more software licencing and results in escalating costs.

Traditional Analysis

In-house analysis

Alternatively, an in-house analysis requires expensive tools and trained experts but invariably results in a high level analysis due to time constraints. Any solution identified may fix a perceived problem but will more than likely be a band-aid for the problem.

MetricsAnalysis Service


The MetricsAnalysis solution to this was to design and build a service, based on best practices and industry standards, to perform a multi-dimensional analysis of all key factors that can affect performance - every time.

An analysis can be performed without the need for a specialist onsite, or specialist software, keeping costs low.

Anonymised data

MetricsAnalysis has been designed to accept data with no identifying personal, environmental or application data present in the metrics extracted. 

This means that the source system is unidentifiable, the userids within that system cannot be identified and the application(s) cannot be identified.

Knowledge As A Service

Current tools deliver pieces of data and enable you to link and analyse to identify the potential issue. They require an in-depth knowledge of both the tool and the product(s) being analysed. 

MetricsAnalysis performs a multi-dimensional analysis and  delivers a detailed document identifying the discrepancies between how a system is being used, how it is configured and how to address the gap.

These discrepancies can be costing an organisation thousands of dollars per month in business throughput, licencing and customer satisfaction.